View of the river with fun boats by Vincent Van Gogh

View of the river with fun boats by Vincent Van Gogh

This is one of the landscape works of Van Gogh, written during his stay in Paris in 1887. Like other landscapes of this period, it was written in nature from nature. The author tried to grasp the subtleties of natural light, which every minute changes the colors of nature and gives them new shades.

This picture shows the moment when the rays of the bright sun make their way through a thin gap between dense rain clouds. The post-threat state of nature is shown with the help of dense gray-blue shades of the sky, which below becomes bright and luminous.

Thanks to the unusual lighting everything is painted in cold tones, the horizon line darkens, and on the water appear sparkling bright glare. On the front coast cold, greyish shades play in the light, turning into warm orange and pink tones.

The color spectrum becomes bright and diverse due to the bright spots of boats standing at the shore. These little variegated patches along with the stripes of ocher-green grass create a colorful accent. Despite the cloudy sky, the author creates a picture full of love for life. At a sight to it the spectator as though feels a cool of the river wind filled with freshness of the rain that has just passed.

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