Willows in flood by Nikolay Romadin

Willows in flood by Nikolay Romadin

This picture is written in a simple and accessible language. The artist shows us that spring is not such a romantic season. That spring can also be capricious and cruel. Different stages of spring give us a different impression of the picture.

In this picture, the artist depicted the early spring, in which she began to win her rights and the snow melts all around. This is especially scary for those who live and border the river, usually in spring the water comes out from the banks. Before us appears flood. We see that, against the spring, we stood up to the struggle of the willow, which the artist placed on the foreground of his image.

Willows look lonely and lost among so much water. Some critics compared these willows and widowed wives. And so and so nowhere to wait for help and support. And spring plays the role of the imperious mistress, which dictates its own rules. The picture is painted with contrasting colors. Dark color symbolizes the tragedy of what is happening, and the light shades leave at least some, but hope, that everything will change.

I liked the picture, but there is a small but. I felt sad from the dark colors, and I wanted every person on earth to be happy, so that people would not expect changes in their lives, but would act on their own, immediately. Perhaps then, we will be kinder to each other. We should learn to appreciate kindness, sincerity and compassion in life and in people. These are, in my opinion, the main principles for the concession of which a person must go. And most likely, there will be more goodness, sympathy and empathy in the world, and we will not have to fear that someone might offend us.

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