Winter Evening by Nikolay Krymov

Winter Evening by Nikolay Krymov

The painting “Winter Evening” is one of such works. The traditional landscape of Russia’s central strip is realism and symbolism at the same time. This is the very nature that is inextricably linked with people’s lives. Krymov – one of the few who could draw “portraits” of Russia in a modest, familiar for every spectator, kind.

The foreground of the picture is occupied by a river covered with ice, along which there are small shrubs with birds clinging to them. The sun, hiding behind the horizon – this is the background, which affects the entire color of the canvas. Small wooden houses reflect the light of the passing sun and burn with their own light. Winter is in full swing – this is reported by numerous paths that lead to the village.

The central part of the picture is taken by the image of people who want to get home quickly. Warm clothing indicates a frosty pore, which causes the audience to sound associations: it seems that you can already hear the creak of snow under the shoes. One of the women stops, either thinking about something, or to admire the beauty of the winter landscape. A sledge is being sent to the village, which carries hay for horses. Their riders walk side by side, heading for the barn in one of the courtyards.

In the painting “Winter Evening” there is no generally accepted concept of “landscape”, which implies natural species. In the context of live people are inscribed, which gives the canvas dynamics and sates his life. The man’s trace is here in everything: in the trodden path, in houses, in horses and figures, and even in the church in the background of the picture. Children who leave the toboggan on a sled – this is the main “engine”, which, albeit written in several places, but says that the winter life is not dull, but colorful and dynamic.

The left side of the picture is one more moment of movement. The settlement, located on a diagonal, to which wagons with hay are moving, says that life is boiling in it. The short winter day, tending towards evening, as if makes people move faster. Coffee-colored wooden houses, from which breathes with warmth, are a symbol of home comfort on the canvas of Krymov. The church on a hillside with a golden dome burning in a dome inspires hope in people, gives harmony and completeness to the canvas.

The winter season at Krymov is measured and quiet. Nature, immersed in a dream and a carpet of blue and white snow, would seem to fill everything around with silence, but this does not happen. There is a human factor that creates a living and simultaneously harmonious life around itself.

Spectators can recall all the lines of Russian classics about winter, and each of them will reflect the perception of Krymov’s winter evening: he is unhurried, pacified, measured and inevitable, and at the same time has a special sound. His music immerses each person in the quiet evening before the eve, when the creaking of skids, the laughter of children and the muffled strokes of church bells are clearly heard.

The color scheme of the picture is somewhat unusual for the image of a winter evening. Krymov, after all, gravitated towards symbolism, and these people always looked for unusual ways of depicting the world. The greenish sunset gives the paintings an unusual appearance, but at the same time emphasizes the softness of the descending dusk. Snow written by the artist is a unique game of a whole gamut of shades – from the tone of the azure to the light purple color. These colors are located on the ascending from the lower left corner, it is they that change the color of the snow, leaving it virgin white on the roofs. This transition is not accidental – it creates melodic and crunchy sound effects.

The ice-covered river in the foreground also has its own shades. Ice, covered with a pond, almost merges with snow, because it has the same pale turquoise color. The fact that this is a river is spoken only by shrubs and birds sitting on them.

Such a different combination of colors of snow can not be better than revealing the very cold winter of the winter, to which every person is accustomed. It is this kind of snow waiting every year, it is he who gives the world a simultaneous feeling of cold, freshness, purity and festive mood.

The sky of Krymov has a special color – it is both light green and sandy, which harmoniously match each other in an amazing way. The celestial vault seems to embrace the surrounding landscape and people’s lives, demonstrating the amazing beauty of nature. From such a landscape breathes peace and tranquility, which creates a harmonious combination of warm and cold colors. As a rule, such an unusual sunset is the time of a frosty and simultaneously warm day.

Krymov snow is fluffy and at the same time airy. It carries a discreet beauty and demonstrates the diversity of Russian winter, in which there are snowstorms, there are frosty days and thaws. The painting “Winter Evening” depicts the winter that many people like – frosty, airy, kind and incredibly charming thanks to a combination of colors.

“Winter Evening” – this is a fairly harmonious landscape, in which miraculously intertwined incompatible shades. Krymov trowel passed natural beauty, managed to organically combine them with the life style of the Russian village. This fragment from the usual human life, become a “portrait” of the whole of Russia, and the artist’s native land.

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