Sea. Sailboats by Nikolay Dubovsky

Sea. Sailboats by Nikolay Dubovsky

Before us is a picture of NN Dubrovsky, “The Sea, Sailboats.” Looking at this work, immediately there is a special state of tranquility and pacification. In this picture, the artist depicts the seascape. It can be assumed that this is the middle of August, as evidenced by the green waves in the foreground. Typically, sea water is painted in such a color, when the active flowering of algae begins.

Small scallops of waves, easily driven by the wind, rush to meet the shore. White gulls whirling over the water in search of food. Clearly visible light sailing vessel, smoothly sliding on the water. Immediately recalled the famous work of Pushkin “The white sail is alone in the fog of the blue sea…”. But in this case, he is not alone, in the background, in the distance, silhouettes of other sailboats, who also set off on a journey through the sea, are well distinguished.

If you look closely, it seems that the sky comes into contact with the sea and gradually converges in one single point. Thick clouds of a thick feather-bed wrapped the sky, there was almost no lumen, except for a thin blue stripes on the horizon line. Nature, as if, made people wonder whether there would be rain, or the sun would soon appear.

The author has very clearly chosen the color scheme. Emerald-salad waves softly turn into bluish-lilac shades. Blue with a white-gray shade of the sky contrasts favorably with the sea.

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