Sparrows by Nikolay Romadin

For thirty years of creative activity Romadinsky has written many paintings, including genre and historical-revolutionary ones. But fame brought him numerous landscapes, many of which are firmly established in the

Forest Lake by Nikolai Romadin

Nikolai Mikhailovich Romadin painted a picture with a clear predominance of exclusively dark tones. The picture depicts a dark lake in the middle of a forest thicket. The visual depth

Kerzhenets by Nikolay Romadin

The art of the remarkable Soviet landscape painter N. M. Romadin, despite its simplicity and accessibility even for an inexperienced spectator, is revealed in all its depth only as a

Spring air by Nikolay Romadin

N. M. Romadin is a recognizable Russian painter. His “creative range” is very wide – he is both a graphic artist, an illustrator, and a theater painter. Moreover, the magnificent