Pushchin visiting Pushkin in Mikhailovsky by Nikolay Ge

Pushchin visiting Pushkin in Mikhailovsky by Nikolay Ge

In Mikhailovskoe, we know that the great Russian poet was exiled for his poems about freedom. Pushkin was brave in his poetry, for which he paid a price of exile. There he did not have friends or even relatives, only the nurse Arina Rodionovna, who was faithful to him. On a cold winter evenings, the poet read her freshly written poems and listened to her stories and songs. While there, the poet was very much yearned for his close ones and most importantly for his friends. One morning, Pushkin woke up from the ringing of a bell outside the window, and, stepping barefoot into the street, he saw his friend Pushchin. The poet’s joy was unlimited, especially since Pushchin, brought for the poet a comedy of another famous classic Griboyedov, “Woe from Wit.”

The artist managed to fix the moment when two of the other lyceum students are reading the work of another author. In the foreground, Pushkin is depicted in the middle of the room, he leaned against the table, stretched out his right hand in front of him and read Griboedov with enthusiasm. Pushchin, in turn, is comfortably seated in an armchair and listens attentively to a friend. In the background, the image depicts the kind nanny Pushkin, she, like many women are keen on knitting.

I seemed to the atmosphere, which the artist depicted, very modest, but the feeling of coziness creates a picture of the fireplace and painted shelves with books. Books are depicted everywhere, even on a chair in the corner of the room. The table is covered with a beautiful tablecloth, on it there is an ink set and sheets of manuscripts.

The artist managed to accurately convey to us the whole atmosphere that reigns in that room, and even looking at these trivial details in the form of an inkwell, the opinion is immediately formed that the poet lives here. I really liked this picture, it seems to bring us closer, shows us from the inside the life of a great creator. Tells us that we must not forget about friends that real friends will always find time if their friend is in trouble.

Now we spend most of our time on computers and sometimes forget about friends, it seems to us that without them we will be able to cope with everything, but over time, life tells us that friendship should be more important than material values.

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