Portrait of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin by Orest of Kiprensky

Portrait of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin by Orest of Kiprensky

Probably everyone from the school bench is familiar with the portrait of the famous Russian classic Pushkin A. S., who wrote another great creator Kiprensky O. A.. I want to express my gratitude to the painter, thanks to which the image of genius has come down to our days. They say that Pushkin himself was pleased with this work of painting. So, the artist tried to display the accuracy in the portrait. Who do I see in the picture? How do I on my part show that I appreciate the talents and abilities of these people?

If you forget that this is a portrait of Pushkin, and simply describe the image of the person depicted, you can honestly say about the feelings caused by the picture. Firstly, I see here a rather attractive man who clearly follows his appearance. Yes, and its internal charm can not not like. After all, first of all the eyes on the portrait are full of some thought, an idea, which is the basis of attraction in the whole image. In them there is also a feeling, sincere, calling somewhere deep into the hidden dreams and riddles of the heart.

The head is depicted almost in profile, which makes it possible to better view the distant African roots of this man. And thick, curly hair does not deny kinship from that side. And like all the mestizos, the young man possesses the best qualities of the appearance of both races, assembled together. Hands are folded. But one of them is better. This well-groomed, beautiful palm, which, perhaps, served his master gloriously, worked until she became famous. The young man is dressed impeccably. Expensive, irreproachable, quality things adorn his appearance.

But I believe that not appearance is important in this portrait, but an inner person, easily recognizable in all the details that show how bright the person was a poet. Now, reading something from the creative heritage of this genius, one can involuntarily recall his dreamy look, proud posture, simplicity of inner beauty.

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