Autumn rains. Pushkin by Victor Popkov

Autumn rains. Pushkin by Victor Popkov

A talented Russian artist of the twentieth century is Popkov Viktor Efimovich. Depicting his paintings in a unique and unique style, he was considered the founder of the new “severe style”. Laconic color solutions, planar orientation of images and simplified space prevailed in this style. But besides simplicity and brevity, the author put soul and emotions into his works. All his paintings have a very deep meaning. One of these is his canvas “Autumn Rains. Pushkin.”

The completion of this picture is very tragic. The author, like the poet, loved autumn very much. Having been once in Pushkin’s homeland, in Mikhailovsky, Popkov was born the idea of this picture. He was inspired by the charm of the places and the poet’s work His friend posed for him, and in order to feel the poet’s feelings more, there was a specially ordered tailcoat for Pushkin’s style. Even the author himself wore it in order to feel the atmosphere of the poet more strongly. The author does not have time to complete the picture, since he was suddenly shot by the collector. Perhaps this is a spiritual resemblance to the fate of Pushkin or a mere coincidence, but at a funeral, friends put a picture next to the grave of the author.

On the canvas, we see two favorite elements of the artist – this is autumn and Pushkin. And although the day is rainy and gloomy, but the yellow leaves are so bright that they emanate a pleasant light. The author depicted the porch of a large house with two tall columns. The walking platform to which the stepped path leads. At the end of the site, a bench is soaking wet in the rain. On both sides of the steps grow golden-yellow, autumn trees. The wind pulls their leaves, tears off and plays until they fall to the ground. Several of these leaves are on the porch. A puddle of rain had already formed in front of the porch. And the sky is covered with gray, watery clouds. The river is visible in the distance, and behind it in the autumn colors of the field.

Complements this autumn rainy view of the silhouette of the poet. He stands on the porch, leaning with one shoulder on the column. Arms are crossed on a breast, thin fingers are visible. The face is shown in half. There are dark curls on the head, which are the constant attribute of the poet. Without changing the style, Pushkin is depicted in a black dress coat, the hem of which flutters in the wind.

With the help of this picture, the author wanted us to feel the relationship between the poet and nature. How much she inspires and gives strength. Even in times of loneliness, creative people always have someone to turn to and where to draw inspiration.

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