The Bedroom by Vincent Van Gogh

The Bedroom by Vincent Van Gogh

The painting by the Flemish painter Vincent Van Gogh’s “Bedroom in Arles”, which is one of the masterpieces of world art, shows a simple atmosphere of the house in an inexpensive decoration.

In this picture shows the simple things.

In the center of the composition there is a large wooden bed, on which two pillows and a book posted. On the left side of the picture is a simple chair, upholstered in green fabric. A little to the side of the chair is a wooden table covered with instruments. On the table are a pitcher, a bowl and a small bowl.

Between the table and the bed is a small chair, which is slightly smaller in size. The walls of the room painted in wonderful blue color. This color highlights a few hanging on wooden hangers things. Apparently, this is the shirt. On the right wall, that the painting depicts a little lighter, hang two portraits of the young men and young women. This is probably the portraits of the inhabitants of this room. On the far wall is from the viewer window.

This window is highlighted in bright black shutters. It will be somewhat brighter than all the furniture around. The floor in the room is laid out with simple wooden planks. The artist painted the board as if the board has long Easterly.

Simple things represented in the picture, producing a surprising and unique impression on the audience.

The combination of simple things, simple colors and unpretentious environment in the location of objects relative to one another creates some wonderful atmosphere of peace and tranquility. The picture attracts the viewer’s attention. But it is not clear what her magical mystery.

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