AS Pushkin’s Farewell to the Sea by Ivan Aivazovsky

AS Pushkins Farewell to the Sea by Ivan Aivazovsky

This picture Aivazovsky wrote with the artist Repin. Repin, of course, wrote the image of Pushkin, and Aivazovsky his own sea. Aivazovsky was personally acquainted with Pushkin, and Repin became very interested in this, he asked the artist what he was, Pushkin?

Noisy, sad sea with the poet, but a minute later, it again leaped. The sea seemed to hear the words of the poet, who so gloriously sang it in his poems, and even more worried, noisy. It seems as if he conjures the poet, so that he long, for a long time kept in his memory his rumble, that he took with him his image and voice to distant forests and fields of the north…

In the picture harmoniously merged images of Pushkin and the sea, as the creative imagination of Repin and Aivazovsky blended harmoniously.

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