Portrait of Count VA Musin-Pushkin by Karl Bryullov

Portrait of Count VA Musin Pushkin by Karl Bryullov

VA Musin-Pushkin was a member of the Northern Society of the Decembrists; after the suppression of the insurrection was transferred from the guard to the army Petrovsky regiment Written in the early St. Petersburg period, a portrait of VA Musin-Pushkin complements the gallery of portraits of the Decembrists.

The image of Musin-Pushkin, who was under the supervision of the gendarmerie, attracted the artist to the nobility of nature and the dignity that he retained in the years of life’s adversity. With the external similarity of the pose, the clothes with the cloak wrapped on the shoulders, the portrait of Musin-Pushkin differs sharply from the image of N. Kukolnik. In a romantically uplifted way, there is a bitterness of emotional experiences.

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