Waiting by Gustav Klimt

The dancing girl under the Tree of Knowledge represents Expectation. This condition characterized the female images of Klimt, which replaced the females of females. Oriental motifs point to the tastes

Judith II by Gustav Klimt

In 1909, Gustav Klimt decided to write another picture with a beautiful Judith. The first time he painted it in his painting “Judith and the head of Holofernes.” The first

Death and Life by Gustav Klimt

The painting “Death and Life” was written by Gustav Klimt in 1916. Most of his paintings were scandalous because of the many erotic scenes. The leading theme in his works

Beethoven frieze by Gustav Klimt

In 1902, members of the Vienna Secession organized an exhibition, timed to coincide with the opening of the monument to Ludwig van Beethoven, created by Max Klinger. In his work,

Hope II by Gustav Klimt

The famous artist Gustav Klimt is one of the founders of the Art Nouveau style in Austrian painting. They created a society of artists “Vienna Secession”, made up of young

Three age women by Gustav Klimt

Cloth, tender, warm, strange – “Three ages of a woman”, written no less shocking than his paintings, modernist artist Gustav Klimt in 1905. For the first time these Women were

Danae by Gustav Klimt

The erotic painting “Danae” belongs to the brush of Gustav Klimt – a representative of the modernist trend in world painting. In addition to the picturesque and historical value, the

Goldfish by Gustav Klimt

This picture Klimt wrote at a time when the passion raged around his frescos, performed for the Great Hall of the University of Vienna. It was thought of as a

Water snakes by Gustav Klimt

Most of Gustav Klimt’s paintings are filled with gold, which captivates with its brilliance and luxury. There is a version that his love for gilding appeared after his visit to