February. Moscow region by George Nyssky

February. Moscow region by George Nyssky

This picture shows all the charm of winter in an urban setting. When viewing a picture, I had a feeling of warmth and freedom.

The picture shows the road, it goes far, the car goes on it. We can only guess where they are going. If you look closely, we see a man dressed in a pink suit, probably a girl. She goes in for sports and runs on skis. To the right, closer to the top edge, the freight train speeds along the tracks. In the distance, we see the forest, and a little closer are the spruce trees, their high crowns as if propping up the sky. Next to these magnificent firs is a small chapel.

The work does not distinguish itself with bright colors, on the contrary, it is executed in warm colors. The pink and white sky with airy white clouds create the visual effect of the dawn, because beyond the horizon the forest gleams with pink light. Snow does not seem fluffy to me. In the name of the picture you can trace the transition from one season to another. February is the month when there are warm sunny days, and in March, when everything should be already there, frost occurs.

Looking at this picture I do not want to be her hero. I do not like winter because of the cold and snow. In winter, a person is very often sick. I feel closer to spring and summer. But I love summer more, because the longest vacation comes in summer. And I can go hiking with friends or go swimming in the river.

It is much more interesting for me to hear the bells ring out of the chapel in the summer when there is green grass around. Now everything seems to me gray and dull. There is no joy or activity that I miss so much. It was as if everything was hibernating and not yet awakened. Thanks to Nyssa for his masterpiece, but I probably can’t assess the winter landscape.

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