Sergiy the builder by Nicholas Roerich

Sergiy the builder by Nicholas Roerich

The picture of N. K. Roerich “Sergius the Builder” is dedicated to the great saint of the Russian Land – Sergius of Radonezh

N. K. Roerich writes that “Work in Sergius’s teaching played a huge role. How many times did Saint Sergius have to start all over again. His whole life is a huge test that was overcome in the greatest sacrifice for Russia, the Motherland, all of humanity, the Universe. talks about the strength of the human spirit. “

Painting in white and blue colors – heavenly and clean. The picture is filled with color, consonant with the clarity and

moral purity of Sergius. Moral purity, characteristic of His present incarnation on Earth, purity is untainted – for a more complete manifestation of the spirit here.

The picture in the winter dress – beautiful Russian nature. Researchers report that N. K. Roerich depicts a place near Moscow called Makovets. A place with elevations near the river Konchury, near Radonezh. And in the picture of N. K. Roerich we see a river far away, winding between the hills. Subsequently, the Trinity Cathedral, as the basis of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, will arise at this place. The picturesque slopes of the high hills of this particular place seem to be moving into the mysterious mountains of the human spirit.

Near Sergius, the trunks of the trees, directed upward towards Heaven. Nature is in unity with man, everything is in harmony of its constituent parts. N. K. Roerich put everything together in his composition to show how beautiful the world, work, human communication with nature and nature with human is – communication of the Great Builder of the Russian Land. In the left corner is a bear watching a man’s work, a friendly bear. The bear is very harmoniously inscribed, it is as part of nature.

Roerich shows the coexistence of man and the animal kingdom. The special state of goodness and love, emanating from Sergius, did not allow the beast to rage, although it was hungry in winter. The older brother shared with the younger everything he could. Great Teachers lived in communion with the animal kingdom, with their smaller brothers.

With a warm light, the chapel felled by Sergius almost glows. At elevation, it is in a special place chosen by Sergius, the seer of the Russian Land. This is a special place in the energy plan that is in tune with Sergius. Behind the chapel are running lines of snow-covered hills.

Everything is illuminated by the winter sunshine, emphasizing the scope for action. The snow-covered Christmas trees are dumb faithful witnesses to the work of Sergius. In the distance, blue-blue, snow-covered, the same forest as the mountains, with its own obstacles and trials.

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