February azure by Igor Grabar

February azure by Igor Grabar

Winter landscape – a favorite plot of any Russian artist, and Igor Grabar was no exception. His winter is easy, free, calm. Contemplative beauty is different and “February Azure.”

Very unusual non-standard approach to the angle of the picture – the viewer is invited to look at the snow-covered birch grove as if from underneath. This technique expands the space and allows you to feel the whole expanse of the winter forest. The painting uses traditional colors of winter – white, blue, gray, ultramarine. However, their amazing combination and special technique makes the landscape so realistic and native that one involuntarily gives the impression that you have observed this wonderful picture more than once in your life.

Almost incredible is the unique skill of the master to convey the subtlest nuances of nature. Here and in this work we can feel not easy winter, and that elusive time, when the spring makes the first unskillful steps. It is displayed in the bare tree trunks and slightly warmer in the color of the sun’s rays. The masterfully recreated trees are admired – the “main character”, the big birch, the slightly smaller birch trees or even the young thin trunks, flaunt in the foreground, however, all the attention is “taken away” by the wonderfully twisted tree crown. As if the intricate pattern in the luminous frost, the complex lace of the branches occupies most of the canvas.

The painting is executed in an impressionistic manner with inherent emotionality and colorfulness, and the individual manner makes it a true winter masterpiece.

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