The March sun by Konstantin Yuon

The March sun by Konstantin Yuon

KF Yoon loved to write sunny landscapes, and this picture was no exception. The canvas “March Sun” depicts a warm day in an ordinary village. Although March is considered a spring month, but we still have winter on the streets. Snow only slightly begins to melt, and the sun gives its warmth. The sky becomes somehow light and weightless, not at all like in winter, when it’s overcast and heavy.

Here are the horses with the young riders walking along the trampled path. The snow crunches under their hooves, melted in the sun. Behind them is another horse, next to which is a black dog. She tries to play with the horse, gently pulling at her. Along the path are tall trees stretching up to the clear blue sky. Thin birches expose their branches to the sun, trying to keep warm after a long winter. Very soon snow will come down, and they will regain a new life by spreading the leaves.

On the hillock are seen houses, the roofs of which are still covered with a snow cap. The houses are cozy and warm, although on the street, despite the snowdrifts, it is so nice to warm the spring sun. In addition to animals and children, no one can be seen. Everyone is busy with their own affairs. Although the path can be assumed that more recently, literally before the young riders galloped other horses. The path is protoptan, and therefore the children are easy to manage the horses, directing them where necessary.

At first glance, it may seem that this is a winter landscape. The snow sparkles and shimmers under the sun’s rays, but it feels that the sun is already warm, spring. Snowdrifts seem to be covered with melted crust and very soon long-awaited brooks will run. Nature wakes from hibernation, and spring comes into its own. KF Yuon surprisingly accurately conveyed the warmth of the sun, and the spring translucent weightless sky, along which float small air clouds.

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