Spring is coming by Sergey Vinogradov

Spring is coming by Sergey Vinogradov

I have already seen several paintings by different artists, which depicts the beginning of spring. I think that this time of year inspires creative people. The main thing that I liked the picture is that the author uses bright colors enough to show the long-awaited awakening of nature.

In other such paintings I rarely saw the artist use such bright shades of pink, lilac. They are depicted in different sides of the canvas and make it diverse, filled with freshness. The snow is depicted as loose, melted, a path to the house is trampled. The glade is still quite snowy, and the porch Vinogradov showed almost pure, with melted snow. We see lacquered planks of a small wooden house.

He painted the sky rather gloomy, disturbing. The clouds remind us that the winter has not yet receded, spring has not fully entered its rights. Looking at the sky, we can assume that soon it will either rain or wet snow, characteristic for such weather. A sense of anxiety is created. Only here and there we see glimpses of the blue sky. However, despite such an unstable time of year, it seems that the fragrance of spring and change is felt.

In some places the snow descends, nature awakens from a long sleep, is freed from the cold shackles. The long-awaited warmth is already around the corner. Nature can not be fooled. Trees feel the approach of warm days and are drawn to the sun. I think that nobody lives in the painted house, but very little time will pass and people will come here, a new life will begin, full of new, summer events and impressions. You will hear joyful voices, and with the onset of the morning – screams of birds. Despite the fact that at night and in the morning hours there is still a frost, nature is waiting for warmth. To look, apparently, remains not for long and the fresh wind will be replaced by warmer, spring.

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