Birch Grove by Isaac Levitan

Birch Grove by Isaac Levitan

This picture, the artist began to paint in 1885, and graduated in 1889, when he was in Pleso on the Volga. This picture reflects how talented and intelligent the artist is. Levitan is famous for its landscapes, and “Birch Grove” is one of my favorite paintings.

We see before us a forest in which birch trees grow. Realistic Levitan plays with the light, showing us the glare of the sun on the ground and on the leaves of the birch trees. The color chosen, in my opinion, very precisely, very contrasting bright green shades of grass and on white trunks of birch trees. Playing with a shadow, Levitan seems to be able to revive his picture. We close our eyes and hear the chirping of birds, opening our eyes, we are no longer in the real world, we seem to be one with the picture, and we want to run through this grove and shout loudly to throw out negative energy.

In my opinion, the birch trees are happy on a sunny day. Everything around it blooms and smells, and the picture undoubtedly blows with warmth and joy. The author takes us deep into the forest using the technique of his letter. From other similar paintings, this canvas is distinguished by its dynamism, it seems that a little, a little and everything will end, the trees will turn yellow, and autumn will come, and I want to enjoy every day, not to miss a single day. Enjoy every moment. Levitan manages to depict the light and air environment, he manages to achieve all this thanks to his unique writing technique, for example, in this case, an important role was played by a rich palette of colors and superimposed spots of light and shadow.

Each picture of Levitan, imbued with love for his nature and country. This picture is distinguished from other spontaneity and freshness of feelings. Chekhov liked this work very much, he told Levitan that this picture would be recognized and loved by many generations.

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