Golden Autumn by Isaac Levitan

Golden Autumn by Isaac Levitan

In the foreground of the canvas “Golden Autumn” is depicted a birch grove, spread on both sides of a narrow deep river, steep banks of which are overgrown with grass and shrubs. Plots of reddish brown earth are peeping through them in some places.

Above the slope are white-trunked beauties-birches glittering with gold in the rays of the cool autumn sun.

There is a feeling that yellow and red gold is spilled in the air itself. A few scarlet aspen holes add additional saturation to the overall color range of the picture. The sun itself is not visible on the canvas, but the viewer feels that its rays seem to play over the surface of the entire canvas.

The light-golden crowns of trees create a joyful life-affirming mood in the picture. Nature on the canvas not only does not fade, but, on the contrary, rejoices at the onset of autumn! The work is dominated by three colors – gold, blue and blue with a slight addition of green. This color scheme symbolizes joy and the fullness of life.

The picture clearly shows the special attention of Levitan as a painter. Golden Autumn is not a monotonous landscape. In the yellowness, which is most often found on this canvas, the artist notices and reflects a huge amount of color shades. At the same time, he draws attention to other colors.

On the right bank of the river, the master depicted greenish-gray trees, as if faded in the sun and washed out by frequent autumn rains. In the background you can see a small village with peasant huts. Behind them stretch the fields, and along the horizon line stretches a lemon-ocher forest.

The main mood of the painting “Golden Autumn” is a real feast of life, a feeling of delight in the short-lived and fragile beauty of the surrounding nature. The beauty of the picturesque canvas attracts, delights and at the same time refines. The nature depicted in the picture is majestic, beautiful and at the same time defenseless. It requires careful attention.

According to art critics, Levitan, unlike many artists, was able not only to write beautifully and correctly, but also to enjoy this process. Therefore, all his paintings are unique phenomena of a pictorial nature, which are difficult to write about, but which are so easy to admire, surrendering to their inexplicable charm.

Researchers of the artist claim that in his heritage there are about a hundred paintings on the theme of autumn. One of the most beloved by the audience among them is the Golden Autumn. The magnificent autumn landscape became evidence of a hidden vital force, which in spite of everything was inherent in a brilliant artist who suffered painful bouts of melancholy.

On a small canvas Levitan created a surprisingly bright and life-affirming landscape. Autumn is depicted in a rich saturated colors, which are very rarely found on the canvases of the artist, who usually prefer softer pastel colors and delicate color schemes.

However, apparently, the magnificence of the autumn nature so touched the painter that he decided to retreat from his creative manner.

The canvas “Golden Autumn” as if breathing a transparent bliss. The birches depicted in the foreground are vibrantly clean and innocent. Bold, energetic strokes of paint, which, according to art critics, have become the forerunners of impressionism, fall on the canvas easily and freely, enlivening the autumn grove with a play of light and a feeling of a light wind.

Many painters are trying to convey in their paintings the farewell beauty of the autumn pores and the “wilderness of nature”. However, it is Levitan who is inherent in light sadness and unusually subtle lyricism. These unique qualities illuminate his paintings with the special power of some mystical feeling.

According to the famous artist A. Benoit, Levitan knew how to feel in nature what praised the Creator, heard the beat of her heart. The disclosure of the most intimate secrets of nature, its deepest spiritual content was the constant striving of the artist throughout his short creative life.

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