Are you jealous? by Paul Gauguin

Are you jealous? by Paul Gauguin

Living in Tahiti, among the exotic nature and no less exotic native inhabitants, Gauguin was in constant search of plots. Like Balzac in the literature, so Gauguin in painting of this period can be called a keen observer.

Picture “Are you jealous?” embodies the scene peeped by the master. Two sisters, after bathing, lay down to rest on the warm sand of the shore. Their conversations revolve around the theme of love – the love of yesterday and the future. Sweet memories cut off only one thought – are you jealous? It was this moment, the barely perceptible moment of discord, that the artist was trying to capture.

Magic poured water pond – this extraordinary combination of blue, black and tan creates a shimmering water movement. Especially attracted by the attention of the golden-brown bodies of the main characters, their relaxed poses look too natural and natural.

The rest of the landscape around the girls is notable for its sketchiness and magical decorative – these are the vague silhouettes of bright exotic plants of flowers and butterflies. Such an abstract background is not accidental – so Gauguin wanted to portray a magical world, colorful, measured and untouched, in which and with which the Tahitians live in harmony. As a result of the embodiment of all ideas, the artist’s picture turned out to be very colorful and monumental at the same time.

The master himself evaluated this work very high, as evidenced by his letter to his close friend, where he claims that “Are you jealous?” – the best of what he created on the island.

This unusual painting was bought by a Russian philanthropist for a private collection. Strange as it may seem, archaic Russia, faster than other Europeans, appreciated the originality of Gauguin’s letter. After all-inclusive nationalization, the picture appeared in the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, where it is still on display.

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