Summer (June Day) by Isaac Levitan

Summer (June Day) by Isaac Levitan

The painting depicts Levitan’s familiar light forest landscape: nature, forest is a familiar image from childhood. So the author tried to convey the joy of the triumphant nature of summer. She is in a hurry to live, as the summer period is swift, unfortunately.

Who would not want to find yourself in such a forest! You can feel the aroma of the meadow: beautiful cornflowers, bells, pap, daisies. One gets the feeling that if you stretch your hand, you can pick these flowers, collect a bouquet or tie a wreath on your head, as in childhood.

Nearby, behind a meadow the forest road stretches – a fairly wide sandy road. Probably not so often here you can see strollers with horses. It is good to wander along this path in the summer twilight or, on the contrary, in the early morning when dew will tickle your feet.

In the background, behind a meadow are lush green trees. On the right side there is a lonely birch and a big bush grows. Further, behind the road, you can see a thick huge forest that is teeming with an abundance of berries and mushrooms. Probably, any of us went to such a forest for mushrooms and berries. Here you can meet a squirrel or a hare. You can just lie on the grass, throw all thoughts out of your head, watch the clouds in the sky.

And the sky is clear and blue, sometimes – bright blue. Several small clouds emphasize the lightness and completeness of the natural composition. Looking at the picture, you can feel the cool forest air and the scent of wild flowers. The only pity is that you can not touch the hand fragrant piece of untouched nature.

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