Storm. Rain by Isaac Levitan

Storm. Rain by Isaac Levitan

The picture was written by the author in 1899, it can be considered the last great work of a famous artist.

The viewer in front of him sees the cold autumn sky, which is overshadowed by gray tattered clouds. Feels like approaching thunderstorms.

Oblique streams of rain cover the visible space. Wind gusts are very strong, you can see how thin birch trees tend to the ground. Such a wind breaks the grass, darkened from the weather, and it develops with yellow fresh sawdust.

In the background, the same bent trees are observed. Only the stumps of the trees remain calm to what is happening and neatly folded firewood. They also got a cold shower, they look sad and lonely.

The artist was the first who managed to convey the entire width of the Russian bad weather. The viewer sees in the picture the intensification of the storm due to the used compositional and pictorial means.

In this picture an unusual plot and expression of interpretation. The main tone – heavy and cold red shades. The work, of course, has warm tones, but they are specially created muted.

Thanks to the broad brushstrokes, the grass and sawdust appear before the viewer. One gets the impression that it all drove the incomprehensible where the wind came from. The author uses almost black, and at the same time, light gray shades to depict birch. This was done in light brush strokes. The picture can be considered a panorama due to the elongation and bending of trees.

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