Golden Ples by Isaac Levitan

The picture belongs to the famous “Volga” period of the artist. A year later, after the end of the work, she was bought by Tretyakov for her gallery. The usual

Twilight by Isaac Levitan

In the years 1897-1900, the artist continued to create his amazing landscapes, but only now they no longer had hope or joy. In almost all the latest pictures of Levitan

Silent abode by Isaac Levitan

Mountains and rivers have always been distinguished by beautiful and picturesque nooks that so attracted artists. Levitan I. I. also not accidentally chose a similar area for writing his work.

Spring. Last Snow by Isaac Levitan

Isaac Levitan is a Russian artist who received recognition during his lifetime, which speaks of the outstanding talent of the painter, who masterfully depicts the exceptional beauty of Russian nature.

Summer (June Day) by Isaac Levitan

The painting depicts Levitan’s familiar light forest landscape: nature, forest is a familiar image from childhood. So the author tried to convey the joy of the triumphant nature of summer.

October (Autumn) by Isaac Levitan

The painting “October”, written by I. Levitan, depicts a birch grove. Some trees are already lost foliage, others still delight us with bright orange colors. The artist conveyed the atmosphere

Autumn. Hunter by Isaac Levitan

Levitan Isaac Ilyich is one of the most famous and talented landscape painters of Russia, who showed the people the true beauty of nature. He surpassed not only his companions,

Vladimirka by Isaac Levitan

The famous painting called “Vladimirka” is distinguished by a significant depth of semantic content and a special poetic sadness. Today this canvas is one of the best among the landscape