Zemskaya school in Moscow Russia by Boris Kustodiev

Zemskaya school in Moscow Russia by Boris Kustodiev

According to many historians, the artist Kustodiev was keen on studying the history of his homeland. In his paintings he tried to recreate the life and character of the Russian people. He is also known for his works in such a genre as a historical portrait. One of his famous reproductions, the painting “Zemskaya school in Moscow Russia”, which he painted in 1907.

In the picture we see a local school, which is not noticeable for that time. Seven boys sit in class. Five people sitting at their desks, and try to learn to write with feathers. Their faces are concentrated. In my opinion, they are trying hard to complete the task. It should be noted two boys depicted in the picture, they are kneeling in front of the teacher and reading a book. From here we can conclude that not all students diligently and diligently perform tasks, some have to force.

Most likely, both tomboy punished for being naughty. The teacher is painted on the right side of the picture. He looks strict and serious, in my opinion, a man proud of his profession. An open book lying on the teacher’s desk does not attract his attention. His attention is focused on the actions of the students. It seems to me that the artist portrayed a fair teacher, capable of not only punishing, but also praising his students.

In the old days, parents wanted their children to go to school and get an education. Therefore, Zemstvo schools were especially valuable for the Russian people. Kustodiyev portrayed the Zemstvo school with a strict atmosphere, and at the same time cozy, from which it breathes warmth. I think the wooden furniture depicted, the floor and walls create this very comfort and warmth. The artist in his work shows the school clean, though the floor is not painted, but rubbed to shine.

The windows are cleaned so that sunlight flows inward. In my opinion, the author’s favorite color was green, it is the shades of this color that are most in the picture. The artist as it shows us that there is nothing more important than education. That at all times education must be approached with particular responsibility.

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