Blue House by Boris Kustodiev

According to his son, the artist wanted to cover the whole cycle of human life with this picture. Although some connoisseurs of painting claimed that Kustodiev talks about the wretched

Bathing by Boris Kustodiev

A hot sunny day, the water sparkles from the sun, mixes reflections intensely turning blue, perhaps promising a thunderstorm of sky and trees from a steep bank, as if melted

Spring by Boris Kustodiev

Kustodiyev does not capture the real life, he writes a dream. Such as on the canvas “Spring”, where you will see a completely unique, even a few candy world. Here

Beauty by Boris Kustodiev

The artistic direction to which Kustodiev belonged in the 1910s can be called “neoclassicism”. It assumed an orientation to the great models of the past – taking into account the

Fair by Boris Kustodiev

Fair in Russia – it is always a holiday for all villagers. At fairs they bought and sold, communicated, played, had fun. Boris Kustodiyev depicted such a fair in his

Morning by Boris Kustodiev

The painting was painted in Paris, where Kustodiev arrived with his wife and his newly born son, Cyril, after graduating from the Academy. A woman in whom one can easily

Troitsin day by Boris Kustodiev

In the State Art Museum named after A. N. Radishchev in Saratov there is a remarkable bright multi-colored canvas by Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiev “Troitsin Day”. A bright, warm oil painting

Harvest by Boris Kustodiev

Kustodiev writes with love the Russian nature, often including in it the motives of peasant labor. The plot “The Harvest” is simple in its plot, acquired from the catalog of