Frosty Day by Boris Kustodiev

Frosty Day by Boris Kustodiev

The picture of Boris Kustodiev “Frosty Day” depicts a small provincial town. In the courtyard, a wonderful, clear, frosty day, the janitor sweeps the snow, the sleigh rushes. The viewer feels the frosty breath of the Russian winter, Kustodiyev so skillfully portrayed the Russian winter.

The artist has always been attracted to the provincial life with its celebrations, holidays, fairs. He often turned to folk traditions, and this picture was no exception.

In each picture of Kustodiev, his love for Russia is visible. He does not care at all whether she is calm, cheerful or restless. He appreciated the history of a great power, while at the same time continuing to respond vividly to current events in the life of the country.

The canvas “Frosty Day” was painted with unnaturally bright colors, it helps not only to see, but to realize with the whole skin this wonderful frosty day. Joyful mood flows from all corners of the picture, Kustodiyev could make an ordinary plot a celebration of the soul. This once again confirms the skill of the Russian painter.

The picture leaves a sense of movement, its dynamism is felt with the whole body. This tone is set by harnessed sled racing in the background. Everything that Kustodiev portrayed in the picture is not accidental, each stroke has its own special meaning. From every little thing, every detail is a playful charm of a frosty winter day.

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