Russia Moscow by Boris Shcherbakov

Russia Moscow by Boris Shcherbakov

I was pleasantly surprised and literally shocked by the picture of Boris Shcherbakov “Russia near Moscow.” First of all, I want to note that the work is incredibly beautiful. It reflects the spirit, the essence of the people of Russia, Russia. I think that the author has very competently approached this issue by choosing the countryside as the basis. It was she who helped him to maximally reveal the natural beauty of his native places.

In this picture we see a meadow with green, freshly mown grass and small white flowers. They are shown rather finely, as if timid. But, nevertheless, they are very harmoniously fit in the picture and brought her a feeling of tenderness and freshness.

At the edges of the picture and a little further away we see bushes. Here there are both small, young shrubs, and taller trees. Meadow grass is shown in bright green color. It looks like velvet. And I want to touch it. Also we see a small sandy road, which goes into the distance. Apparently, it was trodden by the locals.

Behind the meadow, shown in the foreground, we have the opportunity to admire the flowing river. The water in it is very clean. Clouds and azure blue sky are reflected in the river, as in a mirror, giving it a sky-blue hue. Beyond the river we see a continuation of the meadow, a glade and a small, lonely standing church. She is small and modest. Here come the local residents to the service. On the horizon line, the artist painted a dense forest.

Shcherbakov used a very beautiful shade of blue to show the sky, his unearthly beauty. The day was sunny, clear. White, fluffy clouds float across the sky. The painting is written with great artistic taste. I really liked and remembered it. Now, always, when I see a similar nature in reality, during summer trips outside the city, I immediately recall this work of a remarkable artist.

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