Stone Age by Victor Vasnetsov

Vasnetsov managed to portray the life of ancient people very realistically. He shows their daily activities such as: hunting, feasting, ritual actions. The artist painted a bunch of people, all

Bogatyr by Victor Vasnetsov

Before us, the Russian hero on a battle horse. The outfit of the hero, his clothes are deprived of all luxury, beauty. It’s very simple, nothing superfluous. Dark blue caftan,

Bogatyri by Victor Vasnetsov

About 30 years of life and creativity Viktor Vasnetsov devoted to creating a picture, which later became his most recognizable work. Defenders and guards of the Russian people – “Bogatyri”

Bayan by Victor Vasnetsov

At the heart of Vasnetsov’s painting “Bayan” is one of the epic heroes of the same name. He is famous for being a skilful narrator. In addition, this hero is