Tea in the tavern (pub) by Victor Vasnetsov

Tea in the tavern (pub) by Victor Vasnetsov

In the first hunger months of Petersburg life, when he wandered around the city, he searched where he could eat cheaply and sit in the warmth, often went to a run-down tavern or tea-room. I watched for a long time, listened to the conversations of various visitors, sometimes I did sketches. So the idea of ​​the picture was formed.

The door to the teahouse is open. To the right of the door at the table is a group of peasants, apparently it is an artel of carpenters, who came to Petersburg to work. They rest after work. On the table, two teapots, as was then supposed, one big – with boiling

water, another small, colorful – for tea. Tea is drunk slowly, sedately. The younger guy had already drunk tea, overturned the cup, listened to the reading of the artillery, which had a newspaper in its hands. To the left of the door there is an old man sitting at the table; he thought deeply, and he has such a worn out face that one can at once say – he lived a hard life.

A boy stood at the door, a tavern servant; he looks at the lonely old man, who probably carries a kettle and a saucer with sugar. And behind the boy’s new visitor, like a tipsy craftsman.

The painting was exhibited at the third traveling exhibition, where she made a good impression on the audience.

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