Sleeping Princess by Victor Vasnetsov

Sleeping Princess by Victor Vasnetsov

His picture “Sleeping Princess” VM Vasnetsov made an illustration to “The Tale of the Sleeping Princess and the Seven Knights”. Looking at the work, it immediately seems that the viewer gets into some unusual country, because all the characters depicted in the picture are asleep. The action takes place in a summer gazebo.

In the center of the picture is a young princess girl. She lies on the hill, replacing her bed. The eyes of the princess are tightly closed by the force of sleep. A red pillow is placed under her head. One hand of the princess hanging helplessly down, and it seems that the girl is about to fall.

The decoration of the princess is very rich, she wears a red-brown sarafan, and her dark hair is adorned with a golden crown. Downstairs, near the princess, a little girl is sleeping right on the open book, which she apparently had before read to the princess. At the feet of the girl lies a small brown bear cub and fox. On both sides of the sleeping princess on sleeping bunks subjects.

On the left side, the court jester is resting in his painted caftan and with a funny cap on his head. Next to him, supporting his head with one hand, and the other, slightly touching the instrument, is sleeping by a young musician. Near him, bowing his gray head in a deep sleep, the old man is resting. On the other hand, the girls-servants of the princess sleep on the opposite wide bench. In the corner in the armchair the old woman is sleeping, on which a white cat is sitting on her lap. Multicolored flowers sprouted in the garden.

From the carved arch of the arbor, a painted castle can be seen. Behind the princess, behind the gazebo is a large green forest with branchy firs. If you look closely, you can see a small pond with clear water.

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