Spring by Konstantin Korovin

Spring by Konstantin Korovin

Konstantin Korovin is rightfully considered one of the founders of Russian impressionism. Favorite student Savrasov, a follower of Nesterov and Levitan, he created so bright and colorful works that, against the background of other gloomy images of reality, they looked very advantageous. In his works, not only the color scale is positive, but also the composition, and even the energy coming from the picture. Such a picture is the work “Spring”, which the artist wrote in a difficult for Russia in 1917.

The follower of the French Impressionists, first of all Claude Monet, Constantine Korovin introduced his peculiarities into this style. In his paintings, incompatible things are combined in an amazing way: cold and warmth, tranquility and insanity, harmony and violence. His works are not a sketch, it is a whole narrative. In the painting “Spring”, in addition to birches, the artist painted the house and people who sit at the table. The use of several semantic accents in the work fills it with a multitude of meanings.

Painting Korovin “Spring” the artist used an interesting technique: the viewer will not see sharp transitions from the character to the character or from the plan to the plan. Everything is very natural and smooth, nature and people slowly but surely wake up after a cold winter’s hibernation. His paintings the artist wrote only from nature, from here such amazing color accuracy and emotional ease and at the same time the sharpness of his works.

This picture is not the first work of the painter in the impressionistic style. The first such work is the “Portrait of a Chorus Girl”, written in 1883.

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