Rest on the way to Egypt by Orazio Gentileski

Rest on the way to Egypt by Orazio Gentileski

Orazio Gentileski is among the masters, whose work marked one of the directions of Italian caravagism. The master was born in Pisa, his formation as an artist was associated with the Florentine school.

In the late 1590’s Gentileski moved to Rome and, getting close to Caravaggio, became one of his assistants. He was one of the most gifted masters among the entourage of Caravaggio and, despite his enormous influence, developed his own style of painting, showing a creative identity.

Gentilesky’s painting is monumental and deeply lyrical at the same time. His works are distinguished by soft colors, richness of cut-off modeling and the use of exquisite cold colors. “Rest on the way to Egypt” – one of the best works of the artist.

The image of the slumbering travelers is distinguished by a realistic vitality, natural poses. Figures and objects in the picture have an almost tangible bulk. Coloristic decision, gray, twilight light strengthen this feeling. Other famous works: “Lutnistka.” OK. 1626. National Gallery, Washington; “St. Cecilia with the Angel.” National Gallery of Corsica, Rome.

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