Rest on the way to Egypt by Anthony Van Dyck

Rest on the way to Egypt by Anthony Van Dyck

After King Magus Herods was predicted to have a baby in Bethlehem who would become the new ruler, he decided to kill all children under the age of three. That same night the angel appeared in a dream to Joseph and ordered the whole family to flee to Egypt and wait there until he again appeared.

Joseph together with Maria have collected the necessary things and with the child have left a city. Having overcome a long transition, they arrived in the village of Matarie and began to search for a place to rest. They settled under a tree that bent their branches to give the travelers a cool. Not far from the tree

from the ground suddenly broke through a stream with clear water, where the fugitives quenched their thirst.

The artist portrayed the moment when the family rests under a tree, and angels come down to them and entertain the little Christ. All around the magnificent nature, fruits hang from the tree, birds fly. The painting, thanks to the variety of colors, does not look disturbing, on the contrary, it creates a cheerful, optimistic mood.

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