Portrait of a young woman in the left profile by Antonio del Pollaiolo

Portrait of a young woman in the left profile by Antonio del Pollaiolo

Like many of the Renaissance Florentine masters, Antonio del Pollayolo was a versatile master. He entered the history of art as a sculptor and jeweler, painter and engraver, draftsman. Pollaiolo worked mainly in Florence and Rome.

His work was influenced by the art of not only Italian masters, but also the artists of the Netherlands, which is especially clearly felt in his mythological compositions with a panoramic landscape background. In whatever genre the master works, his works are distinguished by confident lines and a clear plastic form, expressiveness in the transfer of characters and an exquisite

taste in color. Profile portrait of a young woman – one of the first works of Pollayolo in this genre. It is inspired by the profile bas-reliefs of ancient tombstones, in which the perspective of the model allows the viewer to observe her only remotely without direct visual contact.

Pollayolo’s works are distinguished by amazing sophistication and sophistication both in design and color. Other famous works: “Battle of ten naked men.” 1470. Petit Palais, Paris; “Hercules and Antey”. OK. 1475. Bronze. National Museum, Florence; “The Martyrdom of St. Sebastian”. OK. 1475. National Gallery, London; “Apollo and Daphne”. OK. 1489. National Museum, London.

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