Rest on the way to Egypt by Jacopo Bassano

Rest on the way to Egypt by Jacopo Bassano

Rest on the way to Egypt is accepted to date the beginning of the second half of the 1540s. This picture is distinguished by the nobility and exquisite simplicity of the composition. The Holy Family appears here before us in the guise of peasants crouched in the shade of a sprawling tree.

In Rest there are absolutely no deliberate details, which can often be found in the works of Bassano himself of this period, and in the canvases of other Venetian masters. No matter how much we peer into the picture, we will not find here any ancient ruins, nor any other scenery in this spirit. Everything is very natural

and at ease.

Unlike the Martyrdom of St. Catherine, written several years earlier, Rest “is a very quiet” work. But even without raising his voice, the artist manages to create a special, concentrated and reverent atmosphere here. Everything in this work is imbued with the humble joy of being, and the viewer involuntarily also becomes infatuated with a feeling of affection, looking at the weary, majestic Joseph, the young shepherds, pensive Maria.

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