Kiss by Pablo Picasso

The picture “Kiss” is rightfully attributed to one of the best works of the late period of Picasso. Hyperbolic faces merged in a kiss… Everything here is exaggerated – eyes,

Son by Pablo Picasso

The painting “Dream” was written during Picasso’s fascination with surrealism, a direction in painting that sought to depict the irrational and unidentified, free the mind of the creator from the

Violin by Pablo Picasso

Paintings by Pablo Picasso at the beginning of his creative work were not accepted and understood by society. Those who found something special in them or admired them could be

Source by Picasso Pablo

Another work characteristic of the period of classicism, when, along with more traditional paintings and portraits of Olga Khokhlova, from the brush of Pablo Picasso comes a whole galaxy of

Massacre in Korea by Pablo Picasso

This political picture is Picasso’s reaction to the massacre of civilians by the American and South Korean military in October-December 1950. In those days, around 35,000 people were killed in

Dance by Pablo Picasso

In 1925, Pablo Picasso was fond of surrealism, the avant-garde, if not shocking, direction of painting. Surrealism is the embodiment of superreality, the convergence of the incomparable, the exposure of

Crucifixion by Pablo Picasso

In 1930, Picasso wrote an unexpected picture of the gospel theme for his work – “Crucifixion”, which is considered a landmark step on the way from the first specimen of