Guernica by Pablo Picasso

The most epic and angry work of Pablo Picasso – painting “Guernica.” Guernica – a town in Spain, which historically belongs to the Basques. April 26, 1937 the Spaniards were

Dora Maar by Pablo Picasso

Dona Maar was the mistress, faithful companion of life and friend of Pablo Picasso. This was a beautiful, mysterious woman. The reason that it is all the paintings of Picasso

Las Meninas by Pablo Picasso

The work “Las Meninas. According to Velasquez “- a kind of variation on the well-known cute story, the variation is very bold and highly original. But first, let us return

Old Guitarist by Pablo Picasso

Picasso painting “Old Guitarist” was written in 1903, immediately after the suicide of a close friend of Picasso Carlos, a period of his life is called “blue”. During this time,