Dance by Pablo Picasso

Dance by Pablo Picasso

In 1925, Pablo Picasso was fond of surrealism, the avant-garde, if not shocking, direction of painting. Surrealism is the embodiment of superreality, the convergence of the incomparable, the exposure of the emotional, the creation of an irrational reality. This direction gave a wide field for searches and the ability to use the most courageous means of expression. Not surprisingly, Picasso was fascinated by surrealism.

The plot of the work “Dance” was inspired by a visit to the premiere of Ballet Diagilev in Monte Carlo, where the artist traveled with his wife.

Art critics are still debating about this famous painting. Some believe that the expressive-depressive mood of the masterpiece is connected with the personal life of Picasso – his marriage with the Russian ballerina Olga Khokhlova was rapidly heading for its completion. Others view this picture more deeply, finding in the heroes of real people. According to some critics, a love triangle is depicted on the canvas: Carlos Casagemos, Germain Gargallo and Ramon Piscaux. Kasagemos is an unexpected hero, because of his untimely death 20 years ago, Picasso suffered a lot, which marked the beginning of his “blue period”.

The reason for the suicide of Carlos was an unrequited love for Germain, who later became the wife of Pisho. When Picasso worked on the picture he received the news of the death of Ramon. Here is such a fateful and tragic dance triangle turned out to be a great master.

The picture is notable for its special plasticity of lines and expressiveness, which is embodied in unrestrained emotionality.

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