Son by Pablo Picasso

Son by Pablo Picasso

The painting “Dream” was written during Picasso’s fascination with surrealism, a direction in painting that sought to depict the irrational and unidentified, free the mind of the creator from the usual logical structures, a combination of incompatible elements.

The work is devoted to the next love of the master – Marie-Terez Voltaire, whom he admiringly called Valkyrie. However, the fact that it is she who is depicted on the canvas is doubtful for some researchers.

Despite the tangible difference in age, the artist plunged into the pool of love and dedicated more than one canvas

to the new muse.

According to legend, Marie-Therese was a model by Picasso, and fell asleep at one session. The artist did not wake up the girl, but captured her asleep on the canvas.

The picture is written in bright colors, and art historians tend to see this hidden meaning. So, yellow on the canvas symbolizes harmonious relations, green – peace, and red is the embodiment of passion.

The most amazing thing in the work is the image of the person asleep – the girl is drawn in front, however, a dark uneven line near the nose forms a profile. Such a non-trivial illusion, combining two incompatible angles, will not only become one of the master’s favorite techniques, but also mark the beginning of a whole direction in portraiture.

Work “breathes” peace and relaxation. The relaxed pose of the girl demonstrates complete bliss – her head was leaning on her shoulder, her lips were dreamily pursed, her chest was bare, her arms were closed on her stomach. The figure of the girl is spelled out in flowing lines, paying tribute to the appealing forms of the model, whom the loving Pablo Picasso admired so much.

By the way, the love story of the great Spaniard and the Scandinavian Valkyrie ended in a rather prosaic way – when the girl demanded to legalize the relationship, having given him a daughter, this was opposed by the legitimate Russian wife Olga. Not becoming to sort out the relationship, Picasso did very original, leaving two women at once. The picture remained a lyrical reminder of past feelings.

Not long ago, the restoration work was needed on the canvas – the former owner accidentally pierced it with his elbow. Now she has acquired the original appearance and a new owner, who bought a masterpiece for 155 million dollars, setting a record for many times.

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