Meninas of Velasquez by Pablo Picasso

The work “Meninas. According to Velasquez” is a peculiar variation on the well-known cute plot, a variation very bold and extremely original. But first, back to the original source… Remembering

Date by Pablo Picasso

The quivering picture “Date” is one of the remarkable works of the author. Another point of reference, another leitmotif, which will be here and there flashed on Picasso’s canvases. And

Family of Comedians by Pablo Picasso

The “pink” period of creativity, which replaced the gloomy “blue”, is also called the “circus”, since the main characters of most Picasso’s canvases are wandering artists. Circus artists at that

I, Picasso by Pablo Picasso

One of the most expensive paintings in the world, the price of which was determined by Sotheby’s as far back as 1989 when purchased in a private collection, and amounted

Self Portrait by Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso wrote quite a few of his own images and, interestingly, in different artistic styles. The presented self-portrait was created in the so-called African period. By this time, the

Guernica by Pablo Picasso

The most epic and wrathful work of Pablo Picasso – the canvas “Guernica”. Guernica is a city in Spain that historically belongs to the Basques. On April 26, 1937, the

Icarus Fall by Pablo Picasso

In 1957, Pablo Picasso, along with 11 more famous artists, including Joan Miro, Giacometti and others, received an invitation to paint a huge wall at UNESCO headquarters in Paris. The