Peach in bloom by Vincent Van Gogh

Peach in bloom by Vincent Van Gogh

The picture “Peach tree in bloom” Van Gogh wrote in 1888. A few months earlier he had moved to the south of France, to the town of Arles. Spring in this area was so fascinated by Van Gogh that he worked tirelessly.

The picture “Peach tree in bloom”, like almost all landscapes of that period, Van Gogh wrote from life. He worked in the open air, not paying attention either to the rains, to the cold spring wind. The artist wrote in his letters that he was fascinated by the gardens of Arles.

The painting is written in an impressionistic manner. Van Gogh sought to achieve the maximum relationship between the pattern and color, in order to convey the state of nature as accurately as possible. Smears are put randomly and chaotically. The outlines are rather blurred, they do not have clear outlines, and due to this the picture seems unusually airy and natural.

In the spring, the blue sky shades the yellow-green light colors of the earth. In the background, the trees are visible, and the reddish color of their branches indicates that the kidneys are already tied. The whole foreground is a fragile peach tree. The whiteness of its colors, the waving blue shadows, the subtlety of outlines – all this creates a feeling of sunny spring.

Van Gogh often wrote blossoming spring trees, but the picture “Peach tree in bloom” is considered the best of this series.

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