Orchard with flowering apricots by Vincent Van Gogh

Orchard with flowering apricots by Vincent Van Gogh

In April 1888, Van Gogh created a series of canvases depicting flowering trees. Admired by the rapid flowering of the long-awaited spring, he paints every day in gardens and parks.

In this picture of a rather large size, the artist painted a flowering apricot garden. The canvas is filled with a feeling of euphoria, caused by the pure spring air and the tenderness of the colors awakened from the long winter sleep of nature. The sky is written by runaway, unordered strokes, depicting light cirrus clouds.

The earth, written in warm shades of gray, is covered with small, just appeared grass sprouts of tender, light green color. At the center of the composition, the artist places a thin tree, blossoming with a lush cloud of white flowers, which almost merge with the color of the sky. Among the white petals are visible light green young leaves.

The artist does not use dark colors. He even paints tree trunks with gentle shades of blue. Thanks to this, the picture seems to be filled with airy ease. Trunks of neatly planted trees create contrast with chaotic long strokes of the sky, and delicate apricot flowers on its background look like a symbol of lightness, freedom and natural beauty.

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