Golden Autumn in Karelia by Vasily Meshkov

Golden Autumn in Karelia by Vasily Meshkov

The famous landscape painter of the twentieth century, Vasily Vasilyevich Meshkov, is to this day the pride of Russia. The nature of the North has always inspired him for new creations, gave strength and faith. This is evident from his work “Golden Autumn in Karelia”.

The canvas depicts an autumn landscape. The author has drawn all the details of the late autumn. The sky is covered with gray clouds. Trees have embellished in yellow-orange colors. In the distance, green grass is still visible, but it has already lost its brightness. Only forever green pines have not changed anything. The author gave them a bit of darkness and gloominess, so that they would be sad over the summer days.

Very beautiful and harmoniously around this beauty look great stones. They are guarding the beauty of Karelia as guards. In the distance, following the road, you can see the lake. And behind it is even more dense and dark forest.

And although at first glance it seems that this is an ordinary autumn landscape, but with the help of colors, the play of shadows and tones, the author portrayed the harsh nature of the North. This is what gives it such uniqueness and uniqueness, despite the common theme.

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