Meninas of Velasquez by Pablo Picasso

Meninas of Velasquez by Pablo Picasso

The work “Meninas. According to Velasquez” is a peculiar variation on the well-known cute plot, a variation very bold and extremely original. But first, back to the original source…

Remembering the most famous picture of Diego Velázquez “Menin” or as it is called the “Family of Philip IV”, before the eyes gets neat beautiful girl – Infanta Margarita, surrounded by the retinue. Also comes to mind, and revolutionary innovation in the portrait genre – the royal couple is depicted on the canvas through the reflection in the mirror. The “meninas” of Velázquez are such a family pastoral of the most august persons.

There is nothing like this in the Picasso picture. To date, there are many transcripts of those or other experts from the arts, seeking to explain the picture of Picasso, the great innovator and the great original. The truth is that there is no consensus about the meaning of what has been written, and everything else is controversy and reasoning.

The author worked on the picture for more than 4 months and created a whole series of variants of this plot, experimenting and transforming the famous plot. On the canvas, you can see almost all the characters from the picture of Velázquez – Margarita, court maids of honor, dwarfs, gofmarshal of the court, and even a dog. Picasso deliberately contrasted the realistic manner of the original with his style of plastic symbols.

Picasso’s painting is the transformation of space by transforming elements into geometric shapes that create an already different reality.

The researchers argue that each image in the Picasso’s painting was viewed from two directly opposite sides – the sides of good and evil. So, for example, two characters in the lower right corner of the picture, which at first glance seem unfinished, are the dog and the boy Nicolasito. On the one hand, they can symbolize aggression and anger, but on the other hand, a white innocent creature can be seen in a dog, and in a boy – childhood and immediacy.

Picasso’s painting “Meninas” is a difficult, philosophical and controversial work with many symbolic meanings, but also a vivid example of how a master can transform a famous work, whose thinking and vision is devoid of barriers, and imagination is subject only to unlimited creative freedom. Picasso managed to create a completely new reality, to reveal the secret of which he fully trusted the audience.

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