Golden Autumn by Ilya Ostroukhov

Golden Autumn by Ilya Ostroukhov

The painting “Golden Autumn” by I. Ostroukhova depicts precisely that wonderful period of autumn, when the trees change their green foliage to golden. It’s early autumn, maybe September. The summer is just over, the time is still warm, the trees are resting from the summer heat and breathing the autumn cool air.

The picture is all in gold: golden leaves on the trees, golden grass. Sometimes only green leaves are visible, shading a bright yellow color. The main landscape in the picture – trees in the forest. You can only see a piece of light blue sky through the crowns of trees.

In the picture on the left, the artist painted a trodden path, probably many tourists came to admire the beauty here. And on the path sit two magpies, as if they had flown to gossip and share the latest news.

With the arrival of autumn, both maples and birches were transformed with young aspen trees. On the left in the picture is a gnarled tree and that does not look gloomy. It resembles a gloomy forest watchman who keeps order in the forest, but with the arrival of autumn she dressed up in a gold outfit. From the crowns of the trees the foliage began to fall, lonely leaves are spread by the wind.

The picture depicts a sunny day and even though the sun is not visible, but you feel the warmth that comes from bright yellow and orange leaves.

It is felt that the author loves this time of year. With what tenderness he draws out the leaves, they are different in form and color. Love is transmitted to the viewer, and I want to walk along the path covered with golden foliage, inhale the cool forest, remember the nature of such a bright and solemn. The time is not far off when the trees will throw off their clothes and fall asleep during the winter sleep.

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