Autumn. Hunter by Isaac Levitan

Autumn. Hunter by Isaac Levitan

Levitan Isaac Ilyich is one of the most famous and talented landscape painters of Russia, who showed the people the true beauty of nature. He surpassed not only his companions, but also left far behind the teachers who gave him mastery lessons. Each of his works is a difficult picture; it is a whole story. You look, and you want to learn everything – from the very beginning to the end. Such sensations are caused by his every canvas and the painting “Autumn. Hunter”, painted in 1880, is not an exception.

At first glance it may seem that there is nothing special in the picture. Gray, overcast sky. Already completely bare and dark trees. And only still green, slightly covered with fallen leaves, the grass gives the picture a little color. But the small dark figure of the hunter depicted in the center of the picture and his faithful friend dog evoke a storm of emotions in the soul. From the trees depicted and the flowers used, it is clear that autumn has long assumed its rights. It even seems that there are several snow-covered places on the grass that did not melt from the first snow.

Everyone knows that at this very time very vulnerable and animals. They are also preparing for a meeting with winter and are now becoming more visible to hunters. The dog runs in front of the owner and tries to catch the trail of some beast. The hunter slowly follows his faithful friend to be ready, if some game suddenly pops up somewhere. It practically dissolves in the density of the forest, against the backdrop of dark trees.

The picture brings me sadness and pity. I do not like hunting, and I do not like it when poor animals die because of some kind of hobby. Perhaps the author did not like this either, so the picture is depicted in dull colors. But even on this, quite dim canvas can be seen how Levitan was a talented artist. How accurately he portrayed every tree, twig, leaf, blade of grass. How everything is perfect and thorough. Just watch and admire.

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