Autumn. Veranda by Stanislav Zhukovsky

Autumn. Veranda by Stanislav Zhukovsky

According to the researchers, Zhukovsky is considered a master not only landscapes, but also interiors. Most of his work is occupied by images of a beautiful hall and nature, which he depicts through the window glass, the open terraces and the view that opens from these terraces.

Painting “Autumn. Veranda.” just refers to this cycle of paintings, and was painted in 1911, but in my opinion if you look closely at the picture, it creates the feeling that it was drawn yesterday or two days ago.

Favorite season of the artist was autumn, it was he who depicted in this picture. The image tells us about only the coming autumn, it’s time when everything begins to wither and turn yellow, the leaves begin to fall off the trees. In his landscape, the artist seems to not only admire this at times, but involuntarily invites us to join him. I saw that the birch leaves had already acquired a red and yellow color and against their background the green pines only give us that indescribable and natural contrast of colors.

Also, the artist skillfully depicted the corner of the veranda, which is surrounded by handrails. It was believed that in our country people loved to relax on the open veranda. The artist pictured the terrace as spacious, it seems that he wanted to draw our attention to the whole space. On the terrace there are benches and a table, on the table there is a glass vase, in which an autumn bouquet of leaves is collected.

I really liked the picture of this artist, but this work is warm and cozy. This depicted terrace, as if symbolizing its vastness of an endless homeland. We can not tear our eyes away for a minute, we want to be there, and sit on this bench, with our hands on the table and watch what is happening, or maybe take paint and canvas and try to portray something like that.

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