Autumn morning by Grigory Myasoedov

Autumn morning by Grigory Myasoedov

In the painting “Autumn Morning” the artist depicts the autumn forest with all its colorful and herbs. In the depths of the forest flows a small winding stream, so harmoniously combined with the overall landscape. The banks of the brook are littered with yellow foliage, and in some places still green grass. Looking at the picture, it seems that this timid little stream, as if trying to hide behind the leaves of autumn, like a blanket.

Early morning, but already here and there the rays of the sun slip through the fading leaves of trees, painting their trunks in a reddish color. Until the end, the pre-dawn fog had not yet been dispelled, and it was floating in a bluish-white cloud through the trees. The stump depicted in the foreground from a felled tree gives the piece a special zest and completeness.

Harmoniously looks yellow, which occupies the main part of the landscape with red, brown and brown flowers. Adding a purple hue to balance and give a special flavor to the whole picture.

All the lines and each part of the picture are drawn very clearly, which adds realism to the landscape and at the same time some mysterious depth. It is as if the autumn forest hides some incomprehensible mystery.

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