Frost by Claude Monet

Frost by Claude Monet

Claude Monet wrote the painting “Frost” in 1880. This artist can be called a recognized master in writing landscapes. His works are distinguished by their technique, color combinations, they attract viewers with their depth and hidden meaning. Looking at his paintings one can conclude that he was crazy about the beauty of nature, she gave him many impressions, which he tried to capture with the help of paints and, thus, share these impressions with the audience.

In this landscape, you can feel the dynamics. Because of the different lighting there is a quick change of shades, thereby changing the overall look of the picture. The composition is also greatly influenced by everything that is nearby, the surrounding weather, and various objects. Monet used a special technique, thanks to which each object of the landscape has its own flare, which also moves when the lighting changes. The painter has always sought to make his paintings as realistic as possible. In order to achieve true success in this, he works most of the time in the open air and paints live, so you can better display these shades.

Winter cold landscape is saturated with sunlight, the heat of which is felt in every part of the picture. The sun itself is not visible in the picture, but the artist masterfully depicted his reflection in each object of the landscape. The nature of the picture is depicted in a variety of colors and shades. Winter is associated by the viewer with dull and monotonous colors, but in reality it is not at all like that. The white color of snow cover combines a huge variety of colors, from gray-brown to lilac. Each stroke of paint on the canvas looks quite voluminous. This adds a picture of expressiveness and relief. Due to this, it seems that the real nature is in front of the viewer’s eyes. The viewer is waiting for the usual wind noise in this setting, the swaying of tree branches.

The composition of the canvas is specially designed to resemble a small piece of reality. Claude Monet carves this piece out of life and puts it on the canvas, forever capturing this beautiful winter day. The objects of the landscape are devoid of clear boundaries and contours, this is done specifically to emphasize their naturalness. They smoothly flow into the surrounding space, as if they were always there. The colors in the picture are selected masterpiece. The artist did not mix them on the palette, but created a smooth transition right in the picture while working, imposing many layers on top of one another. Therefore, the colors in the picture are mixed together at the very time when the viewer admires it.

At that time, many did not understand the Impressionists with their vision of the beautiful. Their perception of nature and the world as a whole was fundamentally different from the well-established opinions of society. It took a lot of time when society finally imbued with the work of the Impressionists, realizing the meaning they laid in their works. The audience was able to experience all the impressions that artists have embodied in their works.

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