Types of Rouen by Claude Monet

“Types of Rouen” – a painting by Claude Monet, written by him in the period of his life in Argenteuil. It was a wonderful fruitful time, when the artist’s collection

Poppy Field by Claude Monet

The painting “Field of Poppies”, presented at the first exhibition of the Impressionists, depicts his wife Monet Camilla and their son Jean in a field near his house in Arzhantey.

Two anglers by Claude Monet

Quiet in its narrative canvas “Two anglers” refers to the end of the XIX century. It was written by the great Monet in the style of impressionism, however, like all

Seine at Rouen by Claude Monet

The painting “Seine in Rouen” was painted by Claude Monet in 1872, in the early period of his work. At the same time, his famous painting “Impression. The Rising Sun”

Mannport by Claude Monet

The chalk cliffs near Etretat on the Normandy coast have always been a center of attraction for artists. Monet often came here from 1883 to 1886 to draw inspiration. In